Over 2,000 Romanian soldiers take part in Swift Response 24. The exercise will showcase the largest air assault operation conducted in Europe after WWII

Foto: Locotenent Anca Medrea via Forțele pentru Operații Speciale
Foto: Locotenent Anca Medrea via Forțele pentru Operații Speciale

More than 5,000 troops and 320 means of equipment from seven allied and partner states will participate over 5-24 May in SWIFT RESPONSE 24/ DEFENDER 24 Multinational Exercise conducted in Romania by the U.S. Army Europe and Africa (USAREUR-AF). Romania’s participation consists of 2,300 soldiers and 220 means of equipment.

SWIFT RESPONSE 24 is an airborne exercise, whose scenario implies regaining a military base under belligerent occupation through a Joint Forcible Entry of a 2,000 troops, by gaining air superiority and conducting live firing exercises (LIVEX) in a training range. The exercise is planned and led by the German Armed Forces alongside the Romanian Land Forces and with the support of the Romanian Air Force.

The exercise will showcase the largest air assault operation conducted in Europe after World War II, involving approximately 2,000 allied paratroopers from France, Germany, Romania, Spain, the United States of America and the Netherlands. The main sequences of the exercise will be conducted in the 71st “General Emanoil Ionescu” Air Base in Câmpia Turzii, Bogata Firing Range in Turda, Getica National Combat Training Center in Cincu and Știuca Firing Range in Știuca Communal Settlement. The sequences will also be performed in the facilities of the 90th “Comandor aviator Gheorghe Bănciulescu” Air Base in Otopeni, Aurel Vlaicu Aviation Personnel Training and Education Air Base in Boboc and in Banat Airport in Caransebeș.

The personnel and equipment convoys will start heading towards the above mentioned training facilities on Tuesday, 30th April, on various national roads, accompanied by Military Police crews.


SWIFT RESPONSE 24 is led by United States Army V Corps (Fifth Corps) consists of joint airborne operations to increase the readiness level and interoperability among NATO allies, while contributing to the allied defence and deterrence efforts. The exercise involves approximately 3,650 U.S. troops and 9,500 troops belonging to the allied and partner states and is scheduled to begin with Joint Forcible Entries (JFEs) and airborne operations. SWIFT RESPONSE 24 is linked to the national exercises QUADRIGA SOUTH in Germany, DACIA 24 in Romania and SPRING STRIKE in Sweden.

DEFENDER 24 Training Platform (consisting in Exercises SABER STRIKE 24, IMMEDIATE RESPONSE 24 and SWIFT RESPONSE 24) is planned by the United States European Command (USEUCOM) and led by United States Army Europe and Africa (USAREUR-AF). The exercise takes place between March 28 and May 31; it involves more than 40,000 troops from 20 allied and partner countries and is the largest US military exercise conducted in Europe. It aims at increasing allied training and strengthening the Alliance's defence capability, being linked to the NATO-led STEADFAST DEFENDER 24 Exercise.

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