Romania prepares to transfer a Patriot system to Ukraine

Sistem de apărare antiaerian şi antirachetă cu rază lungă de acțiune de tiă Patriot. Foto: Forțele Aeriene Române
Sistem de apărare antiaerian şi antirachetă cu rază lungă de acțiune de tiă Patriot. Foto: Forțele Aeriene Române

President Klaus Iohannis, on an official visit to the United States, has confirmed that one of Romania's Patriot systems could end up in Ukraine very soon. 

Will be send to Ukraine one of three systems currently being operationalised. The system that is already operational will not be sent to Ukraine.

"There is a need for advanced systems in Ukraine. In this way in recent weeks there is an intense discussion about who can provide Patriot systems to Ukraine. Romania has such systems and of course we have been asked. President Biden also brought this issue up. We have said that we are open. I have to discuss it at home in the CSAT, to see what we can get in return because it is unacceptable to leave Romania without air defence", Iohannis said.

The Romanian President added that negotiations to send a Patriot system to Ukraine are not for the operational one, but for one of those in the process of operationalisation.

Romania has purchased 7 Patriot air defence systems. Of these, 4 have been delivered and the next 3 will be contracted soon.

Of the 4 delivered systems, one is already operational. So the negotiations for sending a Romanian Patriot system to Ukraine concern one of the three currently being operationalised.

The 7 systems cost around $4 billion, the Patriot purchase being the most expensive in Romania's history. The record is to be broken, however, by the purchase of the 5th generation F-35 Lightning II aircraft.

As seen in Ukraine, the Patriot system is vital to protect civilian and military targets against Iskander ballistic missile threats, but it is also confirmed that Patriot has also intercepted Kinjal hypersonic missiles in Ukraine.

It must be said that Romania has acquired a modern hardware and software configuration of in-service Patriot systems that has been combat tested and is capable of engaging all types of current air threats.

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