Hans Klemm, interview that leaves you speechless! He's lying to our faces!

H.D.Hartmann |
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ambasadorul SUA, Hans Klemm
ambasadorul SUA, Hans Klemm

Known for his ideological uniqueness and his intellectual inaptitude to speak outside the small world patronized by Soros, the American ambassador in Bucharest, Hans Klemm, gave an interview that leaves people speechless with wonder. I am absolutely convinced that this stand will bring me fierce criticism, starting with the trolls promoting the Soros ways of thinking and ending with the readers of the onomatopoeia banners ''rezist''. In this optic, Klemm, speaks to Romania. Throughout patches of logic covered by a huge blackout of intellectual forgery.

''I can't wait to be on the Bucharest's embassy's black list, as the Russians' man''

First of all I must say that I can't wait to be put on the black list of the USA's embassy in Bucharest, as being a Russian's man. I haven't been black listed in a while, the latest on which me and my family were put on, was the one made by the ''security'' [intelligence agency] during the time of Nicolae Ceaușescu. The communist security was happy to put a Greco-catholic family on the black lists as enemies of the people. So, dear Klemm and you others, the new militia of the democracy in the American embassy, I herby announce that I shall be insulted if I am not on the first place on your list.

Second, having members of my family who died in Stalin's camps in Siberia, I shall not deal with the rotten morality of the current ambassador Klemm and of the bunch of pro-Russian agents that he is currently pastoring. These individuals are not my equals, nor history wise, nor biography wise, nor intellectually or culturally. Since the black time of another ambassador, Gittestein we know of the existence of black lists put together by the USA embassy in Bucharest, so being used to the communist's black lists, we may label this phenomenon as specific to totalitarian ideologies. They do not impress, nor do they scare me.


Bad quality arrogance


Thirdly, I shall write about the bad quality arrogance that this individual, Hans Klemm, presents as an American policy. Reading his interview in Free Europe (in order to realize the cultural and political primitive ridicule that animates Klemm, I must remind him that decades ago only great cultural and moral consciousness's of Romania in exile spoke at the microphone of this station and their broadcasts were actual works of art) I realized that the American ambassador has restarted the unidirectional propaganda favorite to the cultural lazy, the moral comfortable and to those who haven't really finished reading the alphabet. The few words and the marxist message of this individual come in complete contradiction with the reality in Romania. The debited lies, using a veneer of information, represents exactly the policy of misinformation that Russia diffuses in the European space. Ambassador Klemm is the one that, through his contradictory statements, puts into place the propagandistic methods of Russia. That method of using a semi-truth covered by the false propaganda of ideology is the preferred method of the individual that was sent as an ambassador in Romania.


Criticizing the USA ambassador isn't equivalent to being a Russian agent


I wish to start from the clear definition of one of the direct applications of freedom of speech: criticizing the American ambassador or his lunatic policies in Romania doesn't mean that you are against the USA or democracy, or worst, doesn't mean being a Russian agent. When a living legend of American independent journalism, former star at CNN, Larry King, works as a direct employee of Russia Today (RTV) you aren't allowed as American ambassador in Romania to associate the criticism against you and the neo-marxist group in the embassy that you run as being the products of Russian propaganda. In Klemm's Pinnochio logic, it means that Larry King is also a Russian agent, as he is directly paid by Russia. In the same logic, those who criticize Trump all day on television in the USA are in fact covered agents of Russia. A deceitful propaganda, a cultural confusion worthy of Ana Pauker and a willing lie, which produce, all together, enormous damage to the image of the USA in Romania and to the truth. This is exactly what Klemm is doing, provides elements of Russophobe decor, to a Romania that is still frightened (and on honest word) of the disaster of the soviet occupation in the past century. The spread of such Russophobe decor, under the USA banner, as ambassador, by supporting the neo-marxist propagandistic aberrations on the Kovesi matter, become facts of treason of Romania and acts of severe breach of diplomatic rules. By his interview in Free Europe, Klemm accomplishes the most complex form of false propaganda, which I have observed at an American ambassador. At least Gittenstein hid when he lied. Klemm lies to our faces.

Never have the liberty of expression, independence in thinking and the dignity of option been considered ideological agents of Russia. On the contrary, the propagandistic pattern promoted by Russia is precisely the curtailment of those values, the seizure of the public dialog space with unique and univalent themes, which will not allow in any way the existence of an alternative. The marxist methods of imposing some ideas, few and fix, of standard phrases, short and easy to swallowed, have become in the last decade the trade of propaganda at the USA embassy in Romania. Even the last clip of the anticorruption campaign promoted by the USA embassy incorporates short phrases, honeyed voices and idiotic smiles, the artificial and false being so visible that you can see from outer space how ideological the media product has become.


Censorship typical to the totalitarian ideologies


Throwing to the trashcan the hole democratic lexicon enormous by its nuances, the USA embassy and ambassador Klemm in Bucharest have established a censorship mechanism typical to totalitarian ideologies. From this embassy located, literally and metaphorically speaking, in an arid field, we only receive tendentious messages, perfectly calibrated on the ideological war started by Germany in agreement to Russia, against Romania. Moreover, I draw the attention to Klemm that for almost a decade, many on the German diplomatic documents of Romania mark as signatories, on the last places the embassy of the USA, clearly inducing the idea that Washington has delegated its role as main ally of Romania, to Germany and Berlin. Thus, one can come to the conclusion that for more than a decade this American embassy has transformed into the bullhorn of some foreign powers in Romanian territory. For more than a decade this embassy doesn't speak about Romania, but only of ideological products created in neo-marxist laboratories in Washington, Berlin or Moscow. Thus, as Klemm himself nominated, by the absurdly short phrases and wooden language, the fact that Russia's strategy is malignant. Exact definition, but the conclusion that followed is false. For if you have come to the conclusion, that those who criticize you or criticize your embassy are products of Russian propaganda, then your group of press monitoring, which, with an ease worthy of an URSS activist, you have notified, is nothing more than Orwellian censorship. This communication problem has already been encountered by the USA embassy. Klemm is not the first ambassador to use half phrases and ideological forgeries, trying to link the purity of the pro-American ideology to that of critical attitude of any man who has a brain instead of the read book of Mao. The confusion that this neo-marxist is making is putting on the same level his ideology with the manifestation against it. Meaning, if your not with me, I'll make a monitoring commission (without rules, without criteria, without legitimacy or law that verifies its activity - nor in the USA or Romania), make black lists, put you on them and then tell the world you are a Russian agent. For the USA ambassador, the whole interview from Free Europe was only a propagandistic philippic on low intent, which without expressing any interest of the USA, without promoting USA politics in Romania or in the region, draws our attention that being against the ideological purity promoted by him, you are certainly a Russian agent. Incredible lie and absolutely criminal thinking. Under the American flag, during the whole time of his interview, Klemm didn't speak about American interests but about his ideology and ideological anti-Romanian war that he promotes in his own name.


Who gave him a mandate to turn into Romania's governor?


Such ideological application of diplomacy is abominable by the fundamental manipulation that it puts forward. Who gave Klemm the mandate, from his quality as a guest of the Romanian state (not to be forgotten that an accredited ambassador is only a guest in the host country) to turn himself into a governor of Romania? Who gave him the warrant to judge the qualities of the press in Romania and transpose them into categories: friendly, neutral, agent of the USA, agent of Russia, agent of Germany etc.? Since when USA's ambassador in Romania is leading a war with Russia on the host country's territory? These are immediate questions that we need to ask Klemm. How did Klemm evolve, from a bureaucrat without much diplomatic capacity, to judging weather it is good or bad that the property of the Romanian press is too concentrated? Since when does Klemm take on such stands. Does the American government have any problem with the fact that in the USA there are only two mammoth media companies, CNN and Fox News, which, along with the affiliated local stations and by partnerships with social media or print media, practically detain the absolute monopoly of the audio-video message on the American territory? This incredible lie induced by Klemm, who underneath the mask of the defense of the so called independent and investigation journalists (one of them found, the other day, drugged and drunk at the wheel of his car), tells us that in fact the owners of the press of Romania are the bad ones, because being few they have too much power.

The cryptic message of this Klemm is in fact that the strength of the press owners in Romania is becoming too great and rivals with his power as an ambassador, with his strength of deciding who is good or bad in Romania. Just like the other ambassador Gittenstein, today's Klemm says that those who found the cases of documents (illegally received by the DNA prosecutors, just so we are clear and stating the truth) from the gardens of Romanian peasants are in fact the real journalists. By this direct attack to the owners of the Romanian press, Klemm is allowing himself an intrusion of a marxist activist, without knowingly, criticizing an indigenous economical pattern that we can generally find in the USA. For Klemm, the journalists of the anti Romanian propaganda, illegally subscribed to information given (also illegally) by the DNA prosecutors, are the good ones.

The other part of the press, legal and tax paying, isn't good, because they don't receive money given under the table by all sorts of globalist ONGs. In the USA any funding is mandatorily announced to the public and submitted to the IRS, in Romania, even today the funding of neo-marxists activists of the national media is unknown, especially those whom Klemm is supporting so clearly. According to the insidious propaganda promoted by the US embassy the legal Romanian media companies are pro-Russia, and individuals with active case files of mugging and drugged with marijuana at the wheel are perfectly legal. Such a gross manipulation of reality, such a mystification of the truth, such an encouragement of illegality in the name of press independence, are considered, in the USA, violation of the law and are severely punished. For Klemm, this is perfectly normal, if it serves his neo-marxist and global propaganda in Romania.

As we can observe in the interview, Klemm opposes to the real issues that democracy and advance of freedoms is confronting in Romania and in the world a deceitful wooden language and full of fakes. When asked why the same criteria of democracy and freedom, that he virtuously and straightly applies in Romania against anyone, don't apply in Turkey's case (NATO member but also a public and trusted ally of Russia), the ideologist Klemm transferred the answer to his colleague the USA ambassador in Ankara. The diplomatic forgery is obvious, in Romania I Klemm can afford to insult and attack anyone, in Ankara if I would have done it I would have been thrown out along with my embassy. The difference in treatment is visible and absolutely touching. We are impressed by how this Klemm knows how to be diplomatic with Turkey, but acts like an intransigent censor when it comes to Romania.


The Romanian-Romanian war


Not only in Romania are we facing the ideological Romanian-Romanian war. In the USA, during the Obama administration, a similar American-American ideological war was developed. A war between the leveling, unicellular neo-marxism and the cerebral, critical attitude permeable to change. A war between the cultural mediocrities of a bureaucracy that thought it had standard solutions for any problem and the discontent of a nation tired of paying taxes turned into big salaries for activists such as Klemm. If the ideological war in Romania seems to be the most successful neo-marxist experiment from the point of view of the total destruction and multi generational, the one in the USA is not yet decided. Each ideological soldier, Klemm being one of them, still has a lot of poisoned bullets. Klemm has proven that he can still falsify reality and poison Romania with his ideology. His interview said nothing. Absolutely nothing about America, absolutely nothing about Romania. It was pure propaganda, in service of the ideological war he is leading on foreign command. Time has come for us to show zero tolerance for this soldier of the underground state that was illegally developed under the Obama administration. Because he is transferring the neo-marxist war from the USA to Romania. He wants the transformation of the Romanian state in an neo-marxist state. By privatizing the American flag and its embassy, Klemm is poisoning Romania and the Romanian people.


Ideological genocide


I was saying that from the microphone of Free Europe have spoke solely and exclusively the great consciousnesses of Romania exiled by the communists. They spoke about freedom, the spoke about attitude, about democracy, about diversity, about human rights, about knowledge and nation. They promoted Romania, such as it was, with its goods and ills. They loved the Romanian nation, its culture, its language, its rights. Today, unfortunately for the Romanians, speaks to us, in their place, one of the exponents of the ideological inter American war. Klemm, without mentioning, on the whole course of the interview, at least once the name of the administration he represents and the name of his president Donald Trump, leads since many years an ideological war against Romania. Under the folds of the ideological forgery named the anticorruption battle, one of the most severe forms of cultural cancer has developed in Romania. You are not allowed to say that Rarinca is innocent, you are not allowed to ask for the sanctioning of antinational abuses (if they were economic, politic, judicial etc.) made in the name of this Jacobin campaign because you will immediately be catalogued as a Russian agent. A cultural crime that has transformed in ideological genocide, because neo-marxist agents have become ambassadors of the only real strategic ally of Romania. Klemm and his ideology have taken the place of real debate, substantiated and rational, have taken the place of promoting the national interests of both states, USA and Romania. Then, at Free Europe, Monica Lovinescu led the cultural battle against ideological totalitarianism.

Today a neo-marxist American activist tells us what is good in his utopic socialism. Others come on European pathways and tell us, also, that [private] property and family must disappear. All of them are actually fighting against Romania, against their own states and cultures of origin. Then, in the years of communist dictatorship, at Free Europe, the daughter of a woman killed in the communist prisons and the natural descendant of a family of seminal importance to the intellectual modernity of the Romanian nation, told us the truth about Marxism, Leninism, of the cultural invasion of this ideological plague and the danger that shall come upon us if we don't think freely and nationally. Today, under the ideological dictatorship of the anti-corruption battle, at Free Europe, the USA ambassador tells us that criticizing the wrong policies promoted by the American neo marxism represents heresy worthy of the punishment of burning at the stake. Then, Free Europe taught us to defend our freedom during ideological wars. We had antibodies. Now we have Klemm.

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