Romania buys 54 Abrams tanks in use for 1 billion euros

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Abrams M1A2 SEPV3, prezent în România. Sursă foto: DefenseRomania
Abrams M1A2 SEPV3, prezent în România. Sursă foto: DefenseRomania

Romania officially begins the purchase of American Abrams tanks, after the Commission for Defense, Public Order and National Security in the Chamber of Deputies approved the purchase.

The Ministry of National Defense requested, at the beginning of April, the Parliament leadership for the prior approval for the purchase of 54 modernized Abrams tanks.

"We request the prior approval of the Parliament for the initiation of the procedure for awarding the contract related to the 'Main Battle Tank' endowment program, stage I. Stage I of the endowment program starting in 2023 involves the purchase of 54 modernized Abrams tanks in the M1A2 variant and 12 derivatives, in use, from the U.S. Army stock, including ammunition and training stimulators", the request of the Ministry of National Defense states.

According to the document, Romania will buy 54 M1A2 Abrams variant in use.

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The cost of purchasing the 54 Abrams tanks and 12 derivatives will be approximately 1 billion euros, according to the documents consulted by DefenseRomania.

The acquisition will begin this year.

DefenseRomania's industry sources confirmed that in the letter of intention regarding the purchase of Abrams, sent to the American partner some time ago, Romania initially expressed its intention to purchase approximately 200 Abrams tanks.


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